Power ride – try before you buy

An electric scooter store is easy to find online. Is it safe to buy on line without testing them first?
I remember, a few years ago, my son wanting for Christmas an electric scooter.
Accordingly, I went on line to search for an electric scooter store. I was dabbling in wholesale purchases at the time. I quickly found what I was looking for. The impressive claims, packaging and style of one product grabbed my attention. I proceeded with the purchase. The product arrived in time for Christmas as promised.
Thus, my son was delighted by the large wrapped box beneath the Christmas tree.
Upon opening his present, there were scenes of delight. Big smiles and “Thanks Dad” abound. We just need to charge the scooter and he would be off for hours of endless fun. 

After a fairly stress free assembly it needed to be plugged in to charge. That is when the problems started.
First, it took twelve hours to charge. A Christmas Day scoot was out of the question. It would have to wait until Boxing Day.
Secondly, on Boxing Day, he pressed the start button and was off. The thing was really fast. He must have been reaching 25 miles per hour. I had another sudden thought, if he comes off or hits something it is really going to hurt.
I need not have worried. After 10 minutes the battery had died. It needed another 12 hours to charge. 

On day two of endless scooting fun, the scooter died. It was unceremoniously dumped in the local skip before the year end.
On the other end of the spectrum my Mother is disabled. She has a brand new 4 x 4 style electric wheel chair. The batteries last for miles.

The difference between the two purchases, I bought on line, my mother went in store.
Thus, the moral of this tale when buying from an electric scooter store is as follows. If you are considering buying electric scooters, try before you buy. Be sure to ask all pertinent questions relating to your purchase (i.e. quality, safety, reliability). Then you will have a greater cause for complaint and your money back when things go wrong.