Glass Shower Enclosures

Are you looking for bathroom design ideas for your new home? Thinking of spicing things up a bit and doing a bathroom makeover? Spruce up and revamp your bathroom with sophisticated glass shower enclosures!

A glass shower stall or enclosure is a space-savvy shower unit that is functional and practical for any home type, from condos to bungalows. It can go well with any bathroom theme, whether it’s a classic or contemporary one. Also, the best thing about having it is it exhibits simplicity and elegance with its crystal structure and spotless feel.

Installing a glass shower stall provides you a lot of ways to get creative with it. You can opt for corner glass shower enclosures if you want to tweak and maximize any end space in your bathroom. If you prefer a classic and reserved touch, you can choose one made of textured sheet glass or blocks. For balance, you can mix textured sheet glass with a crystal clear one. Also, if you want to have your glass shower stall set in your terms and taste, you can always have it custom-made.

Moreover, with glass shower enclosures, tweaking its components and envisioning its final functional look would seem pretty easy. Instead of a Norman door, you can choose a sliding one. Instead of all-flat flooring, you can install a mini interior platform for added comfort and convenience. Also, if your glass shower stall is nowhere near a window, you can free the space or add some adjustable glass panels above the enclosure structure for better ventilation.

Aside from the easy tweaking you get when you opt for it, it’s just inevitably a perfect addition to your bathroom space! It is easy to clean and maintain, so you get style, practicality, and functionality in one unit.